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Tiger's Eye (Prosperity)

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100% Authentic Powerful crystal to be used to work with lower three chakras; Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra.

  • Known as the "good luck" crystal
  • Gives confidence and trust in self
  • Gives courage
  • Helps attract wealth
  • Serves as a reminder to harness inner strength
  • Balances physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Helps to heal various relationships

From the exotic locations of South Africa, India and Western Australia, Tiger's Eye is sourced. It forms by the transformation of crocidolite and is bestowed with its golden hue courtesy of iron oxide. In the 16th century, its rarity caused it to be valued higher than gold.

The source of the gemstone's name is more than just its hue; it is also a nod to the tiger - the sovereign of the wilderness. This fearless predator is symbolic of strength, courage, and readiness. The energy of the tiger is an augury to accept all aspects of oneself - both light and dark - for life is ever-changing and individual might is a must for success.

Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra, the Tiger Eye gemstone has a multitude of healing properties that can help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing. Bundling more than just aesthetic beauty, the Tigers Eye serves as a reminder to summon one's personal strength and to stop holding oneself back. It can encourage confidence and bring hidden talents and gifts to the fore. Explore the healing power of the Tiger Eye gemstone further…

Filled with zest and the power to lift someone out of a rut, Tiger’s Eye is incredibly fortifying for the blood and adept at balancing the endocrine system. Its fiery golden-brown energy can jolt the sluggish or lethargic, jumpstarting motivation. Elevated energy, a faster metabolism, and a smoother sex-drive aid hormones in restoring a healthy balance for the body. Those troubled by seasonal depression also benefit from the warming characteristic of Tiger's Eye, which lessens the impact of dismal days.

For those who need assistance in activating their lower chakras, the Tiger's Eye is a helpful aide. This earthly stone is beneficial for the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra. These chakras are responsible for feelings of safety, strength, and grounding. They help to create a solid foundation that encourages confidence and allows spiritual exploration. Not having a secure basis for these chakras can make it difficult to feel comfortable when venturing into deeper dimensions..

Tiger's Eye is celebrated for amplifying one's natural gifts, particularly those related to the third eye. As a spiritual amplifier, utilising this gemstone as a conduit to the higher realms can benefit the aura, though it should be borne in mind that Tiger's Eye is primarily associated with the Root Chakra.

Tiger Eycan be cleansed using a quick rinse of spring water or can be cleansed using our Selenite Collection or our Smudge sticks.

Raw crystals are more powerful, as they are less manipulated. 

Crystal size 
Medium: 1 to 1 ½  inch
Large: 1 1/2 - 2 inches
XL: 2 - 3 inches 

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 These crystals have been tested for authenticity

Origin: South Africa