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Our mission is to support the growth of new spiritual and healing businesses by providing access to top-tier products while offering incredible savings. At Zoe Wholesale, we believe in fostering the success of budding spiritual and healing enterprises. That's why we're committed to providing premium-quality crystals and herbs at unbeatable prices, allowing you to stock up and save significantly while building your business.

Here's How Zoe Wholesale works:

Simply add $300 or more of eligible Still Collections to your cart, and the extra 20% discount will be automatically applied at checkout, along with the ongoing 50% warehouse sale discount. Unlike other wholesale companies we don't require business information or verification. Hurry, this offer ends on December 29.

Yes, it's that easy!

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Why Shop Zoe Wholesale?

Zoe Wholesale stands apart by prioritizing accessibility and support for new businesses seeking wholesale inventory. We aim to break down barriers that typically hinder early-stage enterprises from accessing high-quality products at wholesale prices. By offering a simplified and supportive verification process, we empower new businesses to start their journey with us and access the resources they need to succeed.

  • Emphasis on High Quality:

    At Zoe Wholesale, we prioritize quality without compromise. Our commitment to sourcing premium-grade crystals and herbs ensures that our customers receive authentic, ethically sourced, and superior-quality products.

  • Generous Promotions for Savings:

    Unlike many other wholesalers, Zoe Wholesale offers substantial discounts and exclusive promotions. From our ongoing Everything Must Go Warehouse Sale to our special Still Collections discount, we are committed to helping businesses save significantly on their inventory purchases.

  • No Complex Business Verification Needed!

    At Zoe Wholesale, we believe in making your wholesale purchasing experience as straightforward as possible. That's why we've eliminated the need for extensive business verification processes.

  • Limited Quality Assurance:

    Many wholesalers may compromise on quality to offer lower prices, leading to inconsistent or subpar products. Customers often face uncertainty about the authenticity and quality of the items they purchase.

  • Minimal Discounts and Promotions:

    Several wholesalers offer minimal discounts or lack attractive promotions, making it challenging for businesses to save on bulk purchases and limiting their ability to offer competitive pricing to their customers.

  • Lengthy Approval Processes:

    Verification processes in some companies can take a significant amount of time, delaying a new business's ability to access wholesale pricing and inventory.

Save BIG On high Quality Herbs & Crystals For Your Business!

At Zoe Wholesale, accessibility is key. We welcome all businesses, big or small, and offer a straightforward approach to accessing our wholesale inventory. 

Begin your journey with us today and explore a world of high-quality crystals and herbs with ease!

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