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Virgo-Zodiac Crystal Pouch

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The Virgo Zodiac Crystal Pouch Contents:

1 Large Amethyst  Crystal
1 Medium Amazonite Crystal
2  Lepidolite Flat Crystals
1 Virgo Zodiac Crystal Info card

1 100% cotton muslin closable pouch


Amethyst is popular for a reason. It's the ultimate soother, bringing a Virgo's stress level down to zero with its calming energy. It's commonly referred to as Nature's Tranquilizer because of its serene effects on the body.

It's excellent for helping Virgos remain mindful, connecting spirituality with the thinking mind, and revealing how to simultaneously be spiritual and analytical.

It's also symbolic of love and helps you accept what cannot be changed. Through the acceptance, Virgos can improve their relationships and understand their partners more fully. Needless negativity in the home becomes a thing of the past. In its place lies positive and uplifting energy something that all Virgos thrive on, whichever stage of life they're in.


Amazonite is perfect for Virgos who just don't know when to stop. Perfectionism can be a real issue. Amazonite helps Virgos release their obsessive need to make things perfect. It encourages them to accept imperfection and be able to move onto the next venture without regrets. 

Amazonite brings balance to the emotions, helping Virgos navigate the storm of their heart. Getting into touch with their emotions allows Virgos to develop more empathy too. They tend to have their way of doing things, preferring not to be micromanaged, but Amazonite brings other people's views and opinions into perspective. Not everything has to be a battle for control.

Lepidolte Flats

This is a great stone for Virgos who tend to go overboard when it comes to self-analysis and evaluation and end up obsessing over their every mistake.

Lepidolite can help you gain perspective on your problems, allowing you to see past minor obstacles in the big picture.

This is one of the best stones to help balance your emotions and Virgo’s energy levels because it is linked to the third eye chakra, which can help strengthen your awareness and perception of things.