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Tibetan Citronella Incense

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Introducing our Tibetan Citronella Incense – a product deeply rooted in tradition and meticulously handcrafted in Nepal.

This incense carries the essence of Citronella, known for its nerve-clearing, stimulating, and strengthening properties.

Each package includes 20 sticks of Tibetan Citronella Incense. Once lit, each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes, filling your space with its distinct aroma.

But that's not all our incense doubles as an insect repellent, thanks to the natural insect-repelling properties of Citronella. Safely enjoy your surroundings as the incense helps keep those unwanted bugs at bay.

Safety is paramount, and our incense is crafted with inhalation and the environment in mind. Breathe easy knowing that our product is designed to be both safe and eco-friendly.

Handmade in Nepal, each stick represents a piece of traditional craftsmanship. When you purchase our Tibetan Citronella Incense, you're not only getting a fragrant experience but also connecting with centuries-old practices.

Enhance your space, embrace tradition, and benefit from the natural insect-repelling attributes of our Tibetan Citronella Incense. It's more than just a scent – it's a fusion of history and practicality.


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