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Third Eye Chakra Singing Bowl

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Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
The third eye chakra primarily has to do with clairvoyance; as a result, the concept of the “sixth sense,” or strong intuition, came from this sixth chakra. As the most perceptive part of the human body and spirit, it governs self-awareness, higher wisdom, visualization, clarity, discernment, imagination, and creative dreaming.

Location: Forehead, Between & Slightly Above Eyebrows
Intentions: Intellect, Insight, Psychic Perception, and Imagination 

Singing bowls, also referred to as Tibetan singing bowls or Himalyan singing bowls, are ancient bowls that produce sounds and vibrations when struck by a wooden stick . These vibrations are frequencies that we can hear and feel in our bodies and energy fields.

When used as a tool for meditation or grounding, singing bowls provide the user with a harmonic aura that helps them concentrate with peace and intuition.

Chakras are energy centers located in certain parts of your body. The seven primary chakras are ordered by color and have associations with specific elements, symbols, and gemstones.When these chakras are working together in a healthy flow of energy, you should feel like the best version of yourself.

Unobstructed chakras are associated with good health and well-being.However, when one or more of these energy centers are out of balance or blocked, this is when you might find yourself with a great number of emotional, mental or physical problems.

Singing bowls are said to balance and unblock these chakras, restoring balance within the body.

When using singing bowls to cleanse your chakras, it is very important to know which chakras are affected so that you can better focus your healing on specific chakras.

*Singing Bowl Stick is included

In order to create the sounds and vibrations singing bowls are famously known for, a stick or striker must be used. The friction of the mallet against the bowl is what produces the sound-making vibrations.

Chakra Singing Bowl
Width : 3 1/2 inches
Height : 1 1/2 inches 
Singing Bowl Stick
5 inches