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Tangerine Peel

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Tangerine peel contains many beneficial compounds that are believed to support good cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and to support a healthy liver. Also, tangerine peel can support the health of the digestive system and help to better digest fatty foods.

The peel can help to relieve the symptoms of various skin conditions, and may support the body in staying youthful. Tangerine has a high level of vitamin A, so if you have acne, pimples or other minor skin issues, tangerine peel can help you. Also, if you have any wounds or scrapes on the skin, vitamin A can help to heal these faster; vitamin A is vital to help the skin to repair itself. If you want to keep your skin looking younger with fewer wrinkles, vitamin A also can help in this area as well. This is because the antioxidants in the tangerine protect the skin as well as other parts of the body from free radicals. The vitamin C in the fruit also is thought to support the production of collagen in the skin; collagen is the protein that makes your skin suppler.

Tangerine peel also is believed to support healthy cholesterol levels in the blood.

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