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Spring Time Tea Kit

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This tea has a refreshingly clean, bright flavor and herbs that gently support the body’s ability to carry away waste, break down fats, and clear the blood.

The tea is equally delicious warm or cool, sipped first thing in the morning or throughout the day.

Nettle: Nettle has a long history of use as a spring tonic. Nourishing, mineral-rich nettle leaves can restore energy, support the liver and kidneys, and decrease seasonal allergies.

Caution: Before utilizing if you are elderly, individuals should consult with a medical professional since it may result in lowered blood pressure. Those with diabetes must use stinging nettle with care since it could influence blood sugar levels.

Potential Allergen: Skin contact with stinging Nettle can result in an allergic reaction on the skin. 

Avoid If: Taking blood-thinning medications such as stinging nettle may affect the blood's ability to clot and could interfere with blood-thinning drugs, including warfarin, clopidogrel, and aspirin.


Burdock RootKnown as a “blood purifier,” burdock root can stabilize blood sugar and support metabolism and liver and kidney function. Its gently sweet flavor also balances the calendula's bitterness and the nettles' saltiness.

CautionIf you take any medications, please consult your healthcare provider before use, as Burdock Root interacts with certain medications.

Potential Allergen: Burdock may also trigger an allergy in people sensitive to daisies, chrysanthemums, or ragweed. Discontinue use and see your healthcare provider if you suspect an allergic reaction.

Avoid if: if you're pregnant, as the herb has been reported to stimulate the uterus and possibly cause premature labor.  People with diabetes who take blood-sugar-lowering medicines should not use burdock root because it may cause hypoglycemia.


CalendulaCalendula can help clear lymphatic congestion and aid digestion. The golden petals also bring a sunshine-y element to the tea blend.

CautionIf you take any medications, please consult your healthcare provider before use, as Calendula interacts with certain medications.

Potential Allergen: Calendula may cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae family. This family includes ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and daisies.

Avoid If: Pregnant or breastfeeding, as there is not enough reliable information to determine if Calendula is safe to consume during these phases.


Lemon Peel: Lemon peel can support the liver and gives the tea a bright, awakening flavor.

Potential Allergen: Allergies to citrus fruits are rare but occur. Citrus fruits include oranges, Limes, Lemons, and grapefruit. In relatively rare cases, a citrus allergy can cause anaphylaxis. People who develop contact dermatitis after touching these fruits are most likely allergic to limonene, a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits.

Avoid If: You’re allergic to citrus fruit.


Rose PetalsRose petals provide a pretty color and floral essence.

CautionIf you take any medications, please consult your healthcare provider before use, as rose petals interact with certain medications.

Potential Allergen: Although rare, Rose petals can cause an allergic reaction if you are allergic to this herb. You must seek medical attention immediately if you have a severe allergic reaction.

Avoid If: You are pregnant or breastfeeding or consult with your healthcare provider before use.


*Nettle and Burdock both have diuretic effects, so you may want to avoid them if this is a concern. As always, listen to your own body and the advice of your health practitioner.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Spiritual Ascension University Inc. D/B/A "Ascensions by Zoe" assumes no liability for any loss, death, or bodily injury for the use or misuse of this product. We recommend you consult a registered physician before using this product, especially if you are nursing, pregnant, or using medications. We make no claims express or verbal regarding use or effectiveness of this product.