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Sodalite (Throat Chakra Amplification)

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100% Authentic Powerful crystal to be used to work to stimulate the pineal gland, clears and strengthens the throat and third eye chakras.

  • Helps verbally articulate thoughts
  • Helps make logical decisions
  • Soothes the heart during healing
  • Clears electromagnetic pollution
  • Helps to clear the mind
  • Encourages you to flow when writing
  • Helps you to speak your truth

 Sodalite was first discovered in 19th century Greenland, where it was found tucked away in bleak mountain regions and frigid waters. It can also be found in the bitter winds of Ontario, Canada, as well as the tropical climes of Brazil, India, and Namibia.

Sodalite is a stone that activates your primal instincts, prompting a balanced approach to life rather than a fear-based one. It encourages creative expression and inspires imagination, while simultaneously providing an opportunity to explore its meaning. This beautiful blue stone has distinctive white calcite veins that together act as a reminder to stay true to your innermost self.

Sodalite boosts communication by amplifying the throat chakra, providing a strong sense of self-esteem and inner trust. It encourages confidence in using one's own voice and trusting one's intuition, resulting in increased physical prowess.

Sodalite aids in alleviating throat-related issues, including vocal cord damage and hoarseness. It can also contribute to strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and regulating fluid retention in the body. Furthermore, it provides beneficial healing properties for the lymphatic system.

Sodalite's connection to the heart fosters a sense of calm. Clarity of the mind makes room for logical thinking and problem solving, rather than negative thoughts. Whether life's 'glass' is half empty or full, it provides a sense of optimism that it can be replenished. Also known as "The Poet's Stone", Sodalite encourages appreciation of all beautiful things, inspiring eloquent expression and creativity. Paired with Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, and similar shimmering blue stones, Sodalite is an ideal muse for writers.

Sodalite is believed to influence the pituitary gland, which, in turn, is believed to help open up the path to spiritual perception and enlightenment. On a more practical level, it can work to increase one's personal understanding of themselves, helping to create an atmosphere of authentic truth. Additionally, Sodalite is believed to aid in developing one's psychics skills and intuition when used in conjunction with tarot cards. Its energy is purported to be helpful in the realm of crystal healing.


 can be cleansed using a quick rinse of spring water or can be cleansed using our Selenite Collection or our Smudge sticks.

Raw crystals are more powerful, as they are less manipulated. 

Crystal sizes

Small: 1/2 to 1 inch
Medium: 1 to 1 ½ inches
Large: 1 1/2 to 2 inches 
X-Large: 2 to 3 inches


Crystal may contain some quartz. This is natural.

These crystals have been tested for authenticity

Origin: Brazil