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Skullcap (Anxiety & Nervous Tension)

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Pouch Sizes

Small: 4x3 pouch

approximate serving size: 12 to 15 servings

Large: 5x7 pouch

approximate serving size:  80 - 84 servings


Aides with: infections, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation 

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine to treat various ailments, ranging from diarrhea to chronic pain. The leaves were used in traditional herbal medicine as a sedative and to treat conditions like anxiety and convulsions. The plant was prized by Native Americans for its powerful medicinal properties. The dried roots were used for centuries as traditional Chinese medicine, Huang Qin, to treat diarrhea, insomnia, dysentery, high blood pressure, hemorrhaging, respiratory infections, and inflammation. 

-Skullcap has been studied for its anxiety-reducing and mood-boosting qualities. A study of 43 people found that those who received 1,050 mg of American skullcap daily for two weeks reported significant enhancements in perspective compared to a placebo group. This demonstrates that skullcap positively impacts mood and reduces anxiety by stimulating gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that helps calm nerves. 

-Skullcap contains various beneficial plant compounds, including antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory effects and protect your cells from damage caused by molecules called free radicals. Baicalin, an antioxidant in American and Chinese skullcaps, has demonstrated powerful anticancer effects and may help combat oxidative stress.

Caution:  It should be noted that skullcap can interact with many common medications, such as blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering medications, cytochrome P450 substrate drugs, and painkillers

Potential Allergen: Although rare, Skullcap can cause allergies; if you notice that you have an allergic reaction, please discontinue use.

Avoid If: pregnant or breastfeeding due to insufficient safety information.

As with every herb, please do your research before use.



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