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Selenite Charging Plate

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Selenite Charging Plate with incense holes

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your crystals is to use selenite!

Helps With

  • Promotes peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears blocked energy
  • It enables you to access your intuition
  • It is a practical space cleanser
  • Vibrates at a very high frequency
  • Enhances powers of manifestation

     Selenite crystal slabs have been discovered in various locations, such as the waters of Greece, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, the USA, Poland, Russia, and Australia. This shows its widespread nature and ties to many cultures throughout history.

    Selenite's powerful metaphysical properties and ability to self-charge have made it a top choice for cleansing and invigorating other crystals and stones. The Selenite Charging Plate can purify, reinvigorate, and boost the energy of crystals and gemstone jewelry placed upon it. In addition, the Plate can cleanse and safeguard any environment, warding off negative influences and encouraging a peaceful, positive atmosphere.

    Selenite is considered a profoundly spiritual stone, often utilized to conduct energy. Selenite wands, stones, and jewelry can be constructed to help us connect to higher frequencies and messages from the universe. On a more tangible level, Selenite is a powerful stone for cultivating peace, purity, and mental and emotional protection.

    Selenite is a classic form of crystal known for its opaqueness. Deriving its name from the moon, it's said to be associated with the crown chakra. As a powerful healing crystal, it can clear out negative energy, allowing one to receive the guidance of the spiritual realm.

    Selenite is known to aid in aligning the spine and offering assistance with bone-related issues. It is also believed to help reverse damage to the cellular structure caused by free radicals, which can improve the appearance of skin, hair, and eyes. Those who introduce Selenite into their life can expect a boost in flexibility throughout their physical being and a youthful, luminous energy.

    Selenite quickly promotes a light, unburdened feeling by allowing one to think with crystal-clear clarity, thus helping to free them from anxieties and worries that can weigh on the heart. This stone can help one find freedom from detrimental thinking patterns and enable them to grow wings and stay unanchored.

    Selenite cannot be cleansed using water; however, Selenite loves the moon, which can be cleansed under a full moon or cleansed using our Smudge sticks.

     Raw crystals are more powerful as they are less manipulated. 

    Selenite Charging Plate Size:

    7 3/4" x 3 1/2" 

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    These crystals have been tested for authenticity.