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Pyrite Cluster (Premium)

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Pyrite Cluster(Premium)

100% Authentic Powerful crystal to attract wealth and abundance. Pyrite works with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • Builds strength and stamina
  • Attracts wealth and abundance
  • A protective stone good for blocking EMFs
  • Boosts confidence levels
  • Helps overcome fears and anxieties 
  • Clears blockages in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra
  • Protects from negative energy

Pyrite is an earth stone containing iron sulfide, sourced from the mines of Namibia, Peru, Spain, Mexico, and Canada.

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral with a metallic luster. It has and a brassy coloring that is similar to gold, because of this resemblance it is also known by the name Fools Gold. It comes from the cubic crystal system and has an opaque transparency and a brittle texture. 

Pyrite not only encourages abundance, but also helps you to attract wealth and prosperity through introspection. Its reflective energy helps to draw out and confront your negative tendencies, allowing you to replace them with habits more conducive to manifesting your goals. It can be used to help you identify and break any patterns of scarcity thinking, uncovering ways you can open yourself up to a life of abundance.

Pyrite is all about keeping you strong and stable and ever free from the shackles of control.  It encourages strength and leadership qualities, inviting you to step up to your own potential because your willpower and well-being are ever in check.

Pyrite rekindles any lost drive or distant passion and makes you feel like you are ready to embrace life once again. If you have been tangled up in depressive thoughts or residing in anxiety, Pyrite is here to help you step away from those thoughts and fears, to overcome all that is holding you back, and to take action to live the life you were born for.

Positive energy runs rampant in the Pyrite stone. It’s all about clearing negative energy and ensuring that you never fall into the darkness but instead feel strong and compelled to step into the light. Pyrite works on strengthening and clearing out the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. These are the chakras that hold our deep-set passion and energy for life, our sexual power, and our perfect love of creative thought and action. When they are blocked we can feel as though our senses are deadened, but when awakened, we suddenly feel like we can soar.

 Pyrite can be cleansed using our Selenite Bowl or our Smudge sticks.

Raw crystals are more powerful, as they are less manipulated. 

Crystal size
Approximately 1 inch

Qty. 1
These crystals have been tested for authenticity

*Children should not handle Pyrite