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Premium Palo Santo (Adds Positivity to Space)

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Zoe Essentials Premium Palo Santo Sticks

*burns longer than most on the market
*scent is stronger, yet sweeter

Origin: Peru

Quantity: 10 high quality sticks

Size: 4-5 inches

Palo Santo known as holy wood adds positivity to your space, cleans space of negative energy, calms the mind before mediation, relieves stress, and aides in increasing the ability to deep breathe.

Zoe Essentials Palo Santo is wild crafted and sustainably harvested from a reserve in Peru by the indigenous Chulucanas people. The travel into the mountains and collect only the fallen trees and dead branches which are then carefully distilled in a process without dangerous chemicals and solvents (unlike most Palo Santo on the market).

Zoe Essentials palo santo is Authorized to be harvested in Peru by by the Servicio Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre (Serfor) -Forestry and Wildlife Service 

Zoe essentials is committed to working with companies and programs that support the social and economic welfare of local communities, allowing for meaningful relationships and ensuring high quality products.

Because of this, Zoe Essentials Palo Santo’ scent is stronger, it burns better, and healing energy is greater.

You can use Zoe Essentials Palo Santo in your home work space, car or anywhere you want positive energy.