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Leo-Zodiac Crystal Pouch

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Type: With Crystal

The Leo Zodiac Crystal Pouch Contents:

1 Medium Pyrite Crystal

1 Medium CItrine Crystal

1 Medium Sunstone  Crystal

1 Leo Zodiac Crystal Info card

1 100% cotton muslin closable pouch 


It is associated with the Zodiac sign Leo due to its strong connection to both the sun and fire. It is a stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra and like other yellow-golden stones, it is a stone that attracts wealth and prosperity. It is a manifestation stone and is especially useful for boosting creativity and recognizing one's hidden talents. 

Pyrite is also an excellent stone for dispelling fear, particularly fear of how others see us. Leos, while generally confident, tend to also suffer from issues of self doubt. 


Citrine is truly a crystal of the sun. The stone's warm, happy energy, matches the vibrational frequencies of Leo's energy. Called the "Merchant's stone", the "Stone of Creativity" and the "Stone of Prosperity", it goes by many names because it is one of the most powerful manifestation crystals in the world.  Citrine is especially useful for Leos because it is a stone that not only attracts wealth, but also boosts creativity. 

As Leos are naturally gifted in the arts, having a Citrine crystal in your place of work, especially if you're an artist, can be very beneficial for your career. This is especially true if you run your own business, as Citrine welcomes prosperity in all levels of your professional life. 


Sunstone radiates a powerful yet gentle energy, much like the rays of the sun on an early summer morning. It is widely used as a stone for leaders, as it boosts mental clarity, physical strength, personal power, and generosity. It further boosts Leo's innate benevolence- the willingness to help others in various aspects of life. 

Sunstone is a stone of self-empowerment and discovery. It also has the ability to cleanse all chakras to allow for the free flow of the positive energy from the rays of the sun.