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Lemon Balm (Virus & Brain Function)

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Size: Small




Pouch Sizes

Small: 3x4 sized pouch (⅓ cup)

approximate serving size: 12 - 15 servings

Large: 5x7 pouch

approximate serving size:  80 - 84 servings

 Aides with: insomnia, herpes, cognitive impairments, neurodegenerative diseases

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), is indigenous to the east Mediterranean region and West Africa and is a member of the mint family. Now, it is most widely cultivated in central Europe. Research has found that lemon balm has a mild sedative effect, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and can relieve cramps and gas. It has also been used for hysteria, melancholia, headaches, and high blood pressure. 

- In one double-blind study, 116 people with herpes received either a placebo or extracts of lemon balm at a concentration of 1 percent in a cream base. The group receiving the active cream experienced significantly more significant symptom improvement on day two than the group receiving the placebo. By day 5 of the study, 50 percent more individuals in the lemon balm group were symptom-free than in the placebo group. People using lemon balm also experienced less scarring than those using the placebo. 

-Research has also found that patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease have shown improved cognitive function after sixteen weeks of treatment. 

-Lemon Balm teas have been used for generations to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness. Combined with valerian, the herb hastens sleep and relaxes muscle tension in persons with attention deficit disorder (ADD) without daytime drowsiness. 

Potential Allergen: Lemon balm is high in salicylates. Salicylates can cause worsening asthma, swelling, itching, hives, and food intolerance symptoms in people sensitive to salicylates Avoid using Lemon balm if you're allergic or sensitive to members of the Lamiaceae family. Possible side effects of this herb can cause an upset stomach.

Avoid If: Use of lemon balm at least two weeks before surgery. Thyroid disease: Lemon balm may change thyroid function, reduce thyroid hormone levels, and interfere with thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Avoid lemon balm if you have thyroid disease.


As with every herb, Please do your research before use.



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