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Jumbo Mugwort (Lucid Dreaming-Anxiety Reduction)

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1 Jumbo Mugwort Smudge Stick (9-10 inches) 

Significance in burning Mugwort: Treats Insomnia and extreme anxiety by putting you into a deep sleep. Also beneficial for astral travel and lucid dreaming!

For thousands of years, ancient people have burned sacred herbs and resins. In doing this, the smoke from these sacred plants assist in raising vibrations, dispelling  negativity, and assist with spiritual work. Today, we know this process as smudging, and it remains a critical first step in any sacred ritual. Smudging serves the purpose of purifying sacred spaces before rituals, ceremonies, and meditation. It also reduces the amount of airborne bacteria in the air, clearing away many of the toxins we breathe in everyday. 

*Please smudge with care! Be mindful of smudging in windy spaces, as the burning leaves can easily scatter around the room.