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Size: Medium


100% Authentic Powerful crystal to be used to work with throat and crown chakra.

  • supports psychic abilities
  • sharpens your inner vision
  • strengthening clairvoyance skills
  • aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction
  • helps you to express your true self
  • strengthening of nerves 
  • help recover a lost sense of balance
  • stimulates memory
  • promotes a higher pain threshold
  • regulates digestion
  • promotes detoxification
  • good for conditions of the liver
  • enhance the growth of your hair and nails

Iolite is a variety of the mineral Cordierite. It is rich in iron and comes in shades of purple and grey or can be colorless. Iolite is highly durable and shows different colors when viewed from different angles.

Iolite a.k.a “The Vision Stone” is all about getting to know yourself better so that you can stand strong and true and independent in your power and have all the knowledge and tools you need to throw out your fears. 

It’s a stone known for bringing you back from the edge of disorientation and planting you firmly in your own body. It is also a stone of journeys and endurance, again relating back to the compass that guided ancient travelers across stormy shores and to new pastures.

Iolite is perfect for anyone wanting to detox and especially when it comes to alcohol. If you feel like you have been sipping one too many wines, having Iolite close at hand can effectively help your body to heal from the after-effects by strengthening the liver and even cutting down on fatty deposits in the body.

Iolite is also amazing for nerves. If you find yourself feeling on edge, Iolite will swoop in to calm the heart. Iolite is also known for easing migraines, promoting healthy digestion, and giving the body all the tools it needs to fend off fevers and other ailments. When it comes to insomnia you can also slip Iolite under your pillow and dream peacefully.

Garnet will help users ground themselves while working with Iolite. Some users who are new to working with Iolite will occasionally have issues of feeling “out of body”, so carrying a grounding stone with you is highly recommended. For added spiritual protection, Black Tourmaline will keep you guarded the best while working with Iolite.


*It’s not advised that iolite stones get wet.

*Iolite is not a sapphire. It’s a member of the cordierite mineral family. However, the gem is known as the ‘water sapphire’. 


Raw crystals are more powerful, as they are less manipulated. 
Crystal Sizes
Small: ½ to 1 inch
Medium: 1 to 1 ½  inch
Large: 2 inches 
These crystals have been tested for authenticity