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Frankincense Brass Burner

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Frankincense Burner Dimensions

Small : w: 8in, h:, d: 2.5in)
Large: w: 11in, h:, d: 4in)

(Cones, Resin, and Tongs are are also available for sale!)

Frankincense is a resin that originates from Boswellia trees, which appear in parts of Africa and the Middle East. The resin itself appears as a small, pale yellow crystal, which is burned to release its aromatic properties. For thousands of years, ancient traditions have used this incense for a multitude of purposes.

Spiritual Benefits: Frankincense has a long history of use in ceremonial practices all around the world - from Ancient Kemetic to Native American forms of spirituality. In Christianity, it made its way into the scriptures of the Bible as one of the sacred gifts given to baby Jesus. When burned, these precious resins emit a sacred smoke and fragrance known to clear negative energies, connect us with our higher consciousness and encourage astral travel. These sacred resins are also used to heal, balance, and protect our physical and energetic bodies.

Health Benefits: Frankincense’s  key constituents include alpha-pinene and limonene.  These properties promote enhanced immune function.  Alpha-pinene is also anti-microbial (fights off bacteria) and neuro-protective (supports optimal brain function). Burning frankincense (resin from the Boswellia plant) activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression. Incensole Acetate is a Boswellia resin constituent that has demonstrated a reduction in anxiety and antidepressant-like behavior when studied.