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Blue Topaz- Freya Copper Wrapped Crystal Ring

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Blue Topaz- Freya Copper Wrapped Crystal Ring (Non-Adjustable)

Each Copper Wrapped Crystal Ring style was named meaningfully. This Copper Wrapped Crystal Ring style is named “Freya” which is of Scandinavian origin and means Goddess Of Love, Fertility And Beauty.

In Tantric anatomy, the thumb is associated with the solar plexus-chakra, index finger with heart-chakra, middle finger with throat-chakra, ring finger with root-chakra, and little finger with sacral chakra. 


If you are looking to wear rings for crystal healing intentions, pay attention to which hand you are using:

  • Your dominant hand (right hand if you are right-handed) is your transmitting hand, this is the hand that gives out energy
  • Your non-dominant hand is your receiving hand, this is the hand that takes in energy to your body

Copper Wrapped Crystals on copper chains amplify the crystals energy!

Copper shields against most wavelength radio frequency radiation and other EMF radiationCopper is highly effective at blocking, or shielding, radio frequency radiation because it absorbs radio and magnetic waves. 

Blue Topaz

100% Authentic Powerful crystal to be used to work with the throat chakra.

Sky Blue Topaz Stones will heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself in a meaningful way, both when speaking and when writing. It is a helpful stone if you have been having difficulties with public speaking. It may also assist you to think better and to concentrate on the task undertaken. Blue topaz stone is often associated with love and loyalty. It’s said to represent eternal friendship and deep, long-lasting love.

Natural Sky Blue Topaz is a gentle sky blue color. Commonly found in celeste polvere blue, Powder blue, and in the light shade of Azure blue.Topaz is a fairly common and inexpensive gemstone. It can be found in huge and flawless crystals, which can be faceted into giant gemstones. Topaz crystals occur in highly acidic igneous rocks, such as rhyolite, and in metamorphic rocks.

Crystal Sizes 
Extra Small: 1/4-½ 
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These crystals have been tested for authenticity

*Please measure your finger for the size that you want before purchasing. We provide all the necessary informational tools to size your finger properly.  We cannot accept returns due to ring size issues.  If you need a special sized ring not on the website, please email us at
*The copper rings are not coated in order to offer the above benefits.  Because of this, the ring may naturally patina (darken) over time. Use the yellow cloth included to keep your ring shining!