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Copper Repair Service

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Size: Copper Wrapped Crystals

This product is for those who need repair or rewrapping of their copper wrapped crystals, copper wrapped rings, or quartz and copper bracelets.

The processing time for this repair service is 5-10 business days once we receive the item.

This product is only available to those who have contacted us and shown pictures of the items that need repairing.

All items are not automatically qualified for repair.

A Zoe Essentials team member must assess the status of the item before purchasing this repair service.

ONLY copper items assessed and confirmed by a Zoe Essentials team member will be able to receive repair.

In order to receive a repair or rewrapping service the item must…

  • Be a copper jewelry piece made & sold by Zoe Essentials
  • Be a copper wrapped crystal, copper wrapped crystal ring, or copper & quartz bracelet

Anything that does not fit the above criteria will not be eligible for a repair.

Please email us before you intend to purchase this repair service.

If you purchase this product without contacting a member of the Zoe Essentials Team we will be unable to process and fulfill your order.

*We are unable to repair items based on sizing (please make sure to measure preppy before purchasing your copper jewelry)

*There is a return shipping label fee included in the service price.