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Capricorn-Zodiac Crystal Pouch

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The Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Pouch Contents:

1 Medium Rainbow Fluorite Crystal
1 Medium Mookaite Crystal
1 Medium Howlite Crystal
1 Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Info card
1 100% cotton muslin closable pouch


Rainbow Fluorite

Being such an ambitious sign, Capricorns tend to want it all at once. Rainbow fluorite helps the naturally determined Capricorn focus on the bigger picture and organize their steps to success. 

Rainbow Fluorite’s energy is all about focus, organization and productivity. This multi-colored crystal is one of the best crystals to reach for when learning or creative pursuits. It helps organize one’s thoughts, promotes discipline and increases the absorption of information.

Rainbow fluorite also has protective properties that dispel negativity and clear electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices such as TV’s computers, mobile phones. Keep a piece of rainbow fluorite by your desk or place of work to stimulate focus and filter out distractions.


Mookaite Jasper sharpens our mental acuity to recognize the direction our intentions will lead us. Mookaite helps Capricorn develop more compassion and patience with themselves and with the people around them, especially when things don’t go as planned. Mookaite can become a grounding force when Capricorns are faced with challenges during their pursuit for success. It can also further boost their innate drive and sharpen their instinct towards better judgment. Furthermore, Mookaite encourages Capricorns to relax and have fun.


Howlite helps Capricorns get out of their heads. It soothes anxious nerves, settles their overactive minds, and promotes healthy emotional responses. It improves their connection to higher spirit and inspires them to be the best they can be. It even reminds them to rest and assists them in making compromises during disputes.