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"Amaru" Ceramic Sudge Holder

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The Artisan Made Peruvian "Amaru" Ceramic Sudge Holder is a 4" handcrafted piece made by local artisans in Peru. The burner is versatile, serving multiple purposes, such as burning smudge sticks, incense, and Palo Santo sticks. As you light these offerings, it releases a fragrant smoke that creates a calming ambiance.

Aside from its functional use, the Amaru Ceramic Burner also works as a decorative item, adding charm to any space. The colorful and detailed design reflects the rich heritage of Peru. When you purchase this burner, you support the livelihoods of Peruvian artisans and their communities.

Amaru means "snake," an Aymara deity that represents the cycle of life in the Aymara culture.

Aymara is an indigenous group in the Andean region of South America, including Peru, contributing significantly to Peruvian culture with their customs, language, and heritage.

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